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Cakes with that special taste


All our recipes are developed in house and made with quality ingredients 

Our standard cakes are made of 4 layers of sponge with filling of choice and covered with white chocolate ganache. Then Finished with white chocolate ganache. You are welcome to choose maximum of two flavours per tier.

* Signature Vanilla ( Our special recipe Vanilla sponge layered with vanilla buttercream and choice of  strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant Jam; Oreos buttercream or ganache )

*Chocolate  Decadent melted Belgium chocolate sponge layers filled with filling of choice( choice of fillings; chocolate buttercream, peanut buttercream, salted caramel or oreos buttercream or ganache)

* Vanilla/Chocolate Marble (our signature Vanilla and Chocolate sponge mixed to form marble layers filled with Vanilla buttercream

*Cookies and Cream crushed oreos style cookies sponge layers filled with our delicious luxury creme

*Chocolate and Black cherry dark chocolate and black cherries compote sponge layers filled with black cherries buttercream

*Coconut and Raspberry fresh coconut and white chocolate sponge layers filled with raspberry buttercream

*Salted Caramel brown sugar sponge layers filled with home made salted caramel and buttercream

** Rainbow ( 6 coloured vanilla sponge (colours of choice)  layered with Vanilla buttercream)

**Lemon and blueberry  fresh blueberries and lemon zest sponge layers filled with lemon buttercream with option of lemon curd

**Raspberry and White chocolate  fresh raspberries and white chocolate sponge layers filled with white chocolate buttercream or ganache

**Red velvet Layers of our true southern red velvet layers filled with white chocolate buttercream

**Pistachio, Amond and White chocolate Pistachio and white chocolate sponge flavoured with almond and filled with white chocolate buttercream

**Carribean Cake (Traditional Jamaican fruit cake made with blended fruit Caribbean wine and rum)

**Carrot  Nutty spiced carrot sponge layers filled with white chocolate lemon buttercream.(nuts free option available. Please ask at point of bookingOption of cheese cream available only for single tier ganache finished cakes)

** premium flavours attracts extra charge
You are not limited to the list above. If you have another flavour in mind please let us know and we will do our best to make 


We do not cater for special dietary requirement. Wheat, Nuts and Dairy are handled in our kitchen

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