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Sweet Treats

From cupcake to cakesicle to cookies to cake shots to macarons and more.
Individual edibles decorated to compliment your cake and wow your guests especially the kids.


We will even style it for you.

Available to order in dozens (a flavour per dozen) or Package of 24 containing 4 items (a

flavour per item)

Price guide per dozen
(simple buttercream swirls with sprinkles / fondant embossed topped cookies) Final price depends on toppings and extra intricate details

Cupcakes £35.00

Cakesicle £40.00

Cakeshots/pots £40.00

Cookies/Biscuits £35.00

  Chocolate Oreos £20.00

Macarons £30.00

    Baked doughnut £25.00

24 pieces package (maximum of 4 different items) £70.00

These can be ordered without a cake but minimum order of 1 dozen per item applies

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