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Tasting Box

Our Tasting Boxes are the perfect way to taste our cakes if you are planning a special event. The perfect way to indulge in wedding planning! They also make a great gift to send to family or friends or to indulge as a treat.


The tasting boxes are dispatched only on set dates. For information on dates please send me an email

Each box contains 6  flavours from my menu, 4 of the most popular flavours and you have the option to choose an additional 2 from 4 choices.

The set flavours are:

*Lemon & Bluberry; Fresh blueberries and lemon zest sponge layered with lemon curd and lemon buttercream  


*Pistachio, Almond and White Chocolate; Roasted ground pistachio and almond sponges layered with white chocolate buttercream 


*Signature Vanilla; Vanilla sponges layered with vanilla buttercream


*Coconut and Raspberry; Coconut and white chocolate sponges layered with raspberry buttercream 


Optional Flavours;


*Cookies and Cream; crushed oreos style cookies sponges layered with ganache cream filling


*Chocolate and Black Cherry;Dark chocolate and black cherry compote sponges layered with black cherry buttercream


*Red Velvet;red dyed southern style buttermilk and cocoa sponges layered with lemon ganache creme


*Vanilla Latte; Vanilla and Coffee sponges layered with expresso white chocolate buttercream and walnut

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